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TRANSCO is a Logistics Solution provider company. We’ve been offering various transportation services since 2008. Though scope of those services was very limited and specific but now TRANSCO envision broadening its service range. Our service range now comprises domestic & international courier services, heavy logistics and cargo transportation, dedicated vehicles for industrial clients etc. We foresee being the best in supply chain industry by practicing excellence and putting in all the dedication and sincere efforts to satisfy our clients by providing speedy solutions and fastest services to them.TRANSCO logistics is combining traditions with innovations in order to excel. We combine the start of a transaction and the destination through smart solutions and transportation services, all done with reliability and great care.


“As I look at the growth of TRANSCO Logistics over the years, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future. We now aim to successfully emerge as a start-up to become a leading name in supply chain market by providing best quality and speedy services and earning our clients’ trust along the way. We measure performance by customer satisfaction, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality. I know that we will face many challenges, but I am confident that our people and our leadership, guided by our core values, will meet these challenges and continue to provide great value to our customers. At the end I would like to welcome you to TRANSCO Logistics and I invite you to explore further and learn how we can help you achieve your goals”.


We envision to achieve our goal of perfection by putting in all the dedication and sincere efforts.In TRANSCO logistics, our main focus is to satisfy our clients by providing speedy solutions and being the fastest and simplest service to them, facilitate trade through innovative supply chain solutions


Perfection is our goal. We are performance driven and measure our progress systematically. We aim to be the best in the supply chain industry by practicing excellence in everything we do.

At TRANSCO Logistics, the main concern is customer satisfaction so our core values include commitment, Integrity, responsibility, teamwork, excellence and quality work that speaks for itself.

We believe in continuous growth so we strive to earn your trust by providing the best possible services to you and keep practicing innovations and introducing new ideas so we never fail to be the name you can trust.

1. The RIGHT goods2. in the RIGHT quantities3. in the RIGHT condition4. delivered to the RIGHT place5. at the RIGHT time6. for the RIGHT cost

— Our Six Rights of Logistics —


We Are Here For You

Our team of experts provides the most appropriate solutions to your needs and the best and fastest services, which are as follow


the name to address your needs of transportation

TRANSCO is the name to address your needs of transportation. ‘Door to Door’ fast and reliable transportation service is what we promise and deliver.

TRANSCO is fast growing by offering carriage services across Pakistan and internationally as well. We facilitate and assist you to meet your required standards and needs in:

  • Safe & swift delivery of your packages/parcels/mail
  • Reliable by-road transportation of heavy logistics
  • Cargo movement anywhere in Pakistan

Express network of automobiles connecting four provinces and affiliated administrative territories of Pakistan is our strength and backbone.

TRANSCO Express and Logistics understands your unique delivery requirements and offers Customized and Tailor-made Solutions. TRANSCO guarantees both speed delivery and competitive rates.

Terms & Conditions

1. Handling Charges of Per Consignment Rs. 50/-
2. Overland 1st 10kg Charges Rs 300/-.
3. Overland Minimum chargeable weight for a single consignment is 10Kg.
4. Overland Delivery within 3 to 5 days.
5. For “Non Service Areas (NSA)” additional charges may apply.
6. Labour/Lifter Charges may apply on heavy shipment (if required)
7. For “Low Density Shipments (even a Carton)” volumetric calculation will apply: (Length x Weight x Height / 5000).
8. Additional Packing Material: Security Flyer PKR 20.00, 2Kg MyBox PKR 150.00, 5Kg MyBox PKR 270.00, 10Kg MyBox 360.00
9. Door to Door pickup and delivery of your shipment.
10. Daily regular departures from all major cities of Pakistan.
11. Complete safety of your shipments ensured by containerized fleet.
12. Material Packing Facility.
13. Declared value should not exceed PKR 10,000 if insurance is not charged. 5% insurance will be charged if declared value is more than PKR 10,000.
14. FAF* (Fuel Adjustment Formula):


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